Buy YouTube Subscribers

Building a YouTube channel doesn’t happen overnight. There is a lot of competition out there, and becoming popular on such a crowded platform is hard.


YouTube channel owners are often on the search for ways to gain more views and subscribers for their videos — and one tactic is to pay for them.


Recently I was asked the question, “Should I buy youtube subscribers fast and views when I first get started?”


And the answer is… yes and no. There are ways that you can buy YouTube subscribers and views safely, and then there are methods that will possibly get your account banned.


I am here to teach you the risk-free secrets to growing your YouTube viewership and subscriber count so you can build your business and become popular on one of the world’s biggest social media platforms.


How to buy YouTube subscribers and views the right way to boost rank

From the humble video gamer to the determined entrepreneur, it seems like everyone is trying to grab their slice of the pie when it comes to online stardom. In fact, there are over one billion users currently vying for attention on YouTube.


It can sometimes seem impossible to compete with other YouTubers whose channels have six-, seven- or even eight-digit subscriber counts. Even getting those first 100 subscribers can be a real struggle.


I was in the same boat.


Four years ago, I started my relationship advice YouTube channel Sexy Confidence, and for a while, I had zero views and zero subscribers. I was embarrassed, so I went to and bought 20,000 YouTube views for five dollars.


I went to bed that night, not sure if anything was going to happen. The next morning I woke up excited, ran to my computer, and lo and behold, I had 20,000 YouTube views. It was amazing!


Until I checked my email.


Buy YouTube Subscribers - stressed businessman using laptop

Beware of the deadly “Google email” telling you your account is shut down for buying YouTube subscribers.

There it was, an email from the almighty Google God, casting fury over me for daring to buy views from anyone except the God that is Google.


My account was almost banned from YouTube within the first ten days of starting my channel. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. I now have over 40 million organic YouTube views on that channel, and if my account had been banned, none of my success would have happened.


Of course, I could have launched a new channel. But having to start over from scratch can be incredibly discouraging and may have stopped me from wanting to move forward.


So what’s the lesson, you might ask?


Only buy YouTube subscribers and views from legitimate advertisers

A quick Google search will show you that there are many different places where you can purchase views, subscribers and exposure for YouTube. Using these so-called “legitimate” sources to buy YouTube subscribers and views may get you a rise in numbers, but the problem is that they send you views from people who don’t actually want to watch your videos.


So what happens when you buy YouTube subscribers from these types of sources? People are sent to your video, they watch for five seconds, then they click away.


Buy YouTube subscribers and views - bored woman wearing cardboard cutout spectacles at the computer

When you buy YouTube subscribers from outside sources, many times they are not real people.

You’ll get the view, but it will result in very low engagement and very low watch time for those videos. This not only sends up a huge red flag for Google, who interprets your video as bad, but can also create a poor reputation for your channel. People will notice if your video has 100K views but only 3 likes — it just doesn’t look genuine.


Plus, as I personally experienced, Google is always on the lookout for subscribers and views gained from illegitimate advertisers. Try to get past the almighty Google God and you may soon be facing its divine wrath.


To avoid all consequences, we need to buy YouTube subscribers only from the “right” places. So what exactly do I mean by legitimate and illegitimate advertisers?


Illegitimate advertisers

There are several illegitimate methods of trying to boost your YouTube following. This can include any service that tries to get views through automated processes, or underhanded attempts to trick viewers into watching videos, such as:


Buying views from redirects, which means the URL changes and brings the user to a new page in the middle of a click.

Using pop-under ads, where a new window appears under the current window.

Deceptive layouts that hide the video and autoplay it when viewers click unrelated elements on the page.

Buying views from third-party websites that provide bot or clickfarm views.

Any of these illegitimate means of advertising can have serious consequences for your channel, as they violate YouTube’s Terms of Service. If you are caught using these methods to buy YouTube subscribers (and if YouTube can confirm that you are the one responsible), it can lead to the views not being counted, the video being removed, or your account being permanently suspended.